Computer Hardware Laboratory

Computer Hardware Trainer Equipment (Model: XPO-PCHT)

  • Aesthetically designed injection moulded electronic desk (Master unit) with common experiment resources like Power supplies, Function Generator, switches, indicators, DPM etc. while the slot willcarry replaceable expt. Panels 4 mm sockets in a arranged on a grid of 19x19mm to receive plug in components.
  • Optionally computer assisted Training through use of Lab view® based executables supported by variety of virtual instrumentation like toggle switches, leds etc
  • Emphasison troubleshooting skills through fault switches.
  • Replace able panel connects to computer I/F on master unit through 64 pin (Euro connector)
  • Set of Users Guide provided with each Unit

Printer Trainer (Model: XPO-PST)

  • Various components of the printer are made accessible to the students by spreading out on a cuboid demo rack made from aluminum profiles.
  • Non-destructive simulated faults have been implemented through slider switches located on Fault Panel to teach section wise faults & their troubleshooting.
  • When not in use Printer trainer may be used as a USB port based regular Lab printer / scanner machine.
  • Set of Instructor Guide and Student workbook provided with each unit .
DVD Trainer (Model: XPO - DVD)

  • Aesthetically designed injection moulded electronic desk (Master unit) carrying useful experiment resources. while the central slot will carry DVD mechanism secured in an ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure.
  • DVD Trainer kit provided with the trainer is the latest one which based on modern Technologies with remote control and not on any outdated ICs.
  • Main DVD kit Mounted in all open fashion in master unit for easy viewing through transparent acrylic cover provided.
  • Facility to connect LCD / LED / CRT TV.
  • 2 Nos. of Good Quality Sound Speakers are provided. IR Sensors / Keyboard / USB Port are provided on Front Panel.
  • Useful for Post Graduate projects and research purpose. Student Workbook and Instructors Guide supplied.
  • Fault panel provides opportunity for student to tackle some commonly arising faults given on fault panel.